Today I am once again in The House of The Lord. Praising Him for every move I make. When I am able I am here.

A couple of days ago, my sister from the same father, informed me that they had gotten Dad’s ashes back. He is finally home. These are the days and months I reflect on life, so much loss, life continues.

Love your fam and friends, love God, love period.


Emotionally, physically, Where do I turn, what do I do… this year is one for the books! So many things have transpired.

Yesterday at 2pm Pacific Standard Time my father passed away. I have no words at this time, my feelings are just tired. I am just tired. I am sure at some point it is all going to hit me.

Rest well dad, I love you.

Hospice Care…

So my biological Father was put in Hospice care. He has stopped eating and all the other things. He was put in hospital a week ago, for a fall. He has prostate cancer and Dementia. I am sad that I can not travel to California to see him. It probably will not me long before he passes. No matter what has transpired between him and I over the years. I have always had a love for my father. O know I missed out and he missed out on a lot, but we had love. I am so very blessed to have seen him before and after my mom had passed.

The family said he will be cremated after he passes, he wanted it that way. And they have those arrangements in place once it happens.

Love your family while you can.

Tis The Season…

To start getting those Christmas gifts for fam bam! I now know what everyone wants, and by golly! This year the 2020 that wasn’t is going to be the 2020 that was. This year my sister, nephew, his girlfriend, and I are getting what we want. I am getting them what they want, and I am getting me what I want. I figured that this might as well be the year to do it.

Once I have acquired all the gifts, I will post a picture. I have already begun, stay tuned.

pajama Friday…

Here I am just laying in this bed of mine. Today is Friday, and I am off work today. Today I have not,nor will I be getting out of my pj’s. Today I am all in!

I am not leaving this apartment today. I will mindlessly do nothing more than listen to music, watch you tube videos, and movies today is a done day for me.

What will you be doing today?

Debt is debt…

No matter how big or how little, it is still the same. My little that I have I have had for several years now. It has stopped me from certain purchases that I have wanted to make. But in light of the pandemic we are in, I figure now is the time to finally get to making those plans for the things I keep window shopping for.

So This year, I vow to be out of debt, so now is the time to start paying everything that have went to collections. I was supposed to be out last year, but as always, I made excuses as to why I did not do it. Now I sit here looking back on all I. Kuld have done and had. Yeah! I am kicking my own ass for that one. All I can say is…

Stay tuned!

Back on Schedule…

As I sit here waiting for my bus to take me to work, the buses are back to the regular schedule, no more Sunday only schedules. After doing that for the past four months, I really am going to have to watch myself, so that I am on time. It is easy to miss these buses if you are not careful in your timing.

Today the weather is not so hot, still I would rather be back in bed, but work do not stop just because I would rather do that. So here I am waiting on this bus , to take me to work.

What are you waiting on today?