The Shit I See At The Bus Stop 2023 Edition!…

Welcome 2023!

Goals 2023…

To save 10,000.00 this year, I know it sounds like a big goal, but I feel that I can achieve it this year, especially when broken down to its most basic form. I feel like I can really do this. Of course ut is going to require some major disciplane on my part. This year, but I am ready to put the work in.

This year means saying no to a lot of things I have said yes to, and diving deeper into more budgeting and cutting out what I dont need, no time like the present. So let the savings begin… I will revisit this in two months from now to let you all know how it is going.

Is That Jealousy I Taste…

I do believe it is, one part jealousy, 1 part enviousness. Why you may ask, it is because my sister is losing weight, and she is looking really good doing it. While I keep telling myself I need to do something about my own weight, while sitting on the sofa contemplating. All the while knowing that in 3 months’ time, I have to be back at the doctors getting my bloodwork done to see if my blood sugars are doing better than they have been. Knowing that I have to work harder to do this, because I am pre-diabetic and I don’t want to have to be on medication like my sister, nephew and many members of my family. The green eyed monster has popped up, whatever my sister is doing for herself is what she is doing for herself, I have to be honest with that, and I am happy and proud of her for doing it, and sticking to it, because we have both been up and down, start and stop, start and stop, I am sure we have all been there at some point in our lives, but she is doing it, and I need to start doing for myself as well, because I know it will benefit me in the end. I did lose 2 pounds from the last time I visited the doctors, and my asthma was much better, but I know I have to do more work, to achieve what needs to be achieved, and it is only up to me to get off my ass and get it moving.

I am trying to cut down on the sweets, and baked goods, and pastas, which is soo hard, man do I love those pastas, but know they have to cut back on. There are things that need to be done, that I have to get my mind in order to do, back to exercising as well. I want to walk into that doctors office next year, and they say, hey, your charts look awesome, keep up what you are doing. So stay tuned readers, I will keep you updated. Enjoy your day.


The 2nd day of the month. I should be at work, but I am not; called out. I am in my bedroom, my sister is in her bedroom, hard at work. She got the one day in the office, the rest work from home job. November, closer to the new year. So much has happened. My brain is frazzled with thoughts. Some way faster than I am able to process. Last month was a mess, of my own doing, have to pay the price, and still paying.


So last month, I broke princess foot, paw, leg, due to not watching where she was, broke it in the door. It was a nightmare trying to get her into an emergency pet hospital, and not having any $$$ to pay. They all wanted money up front to even get an examination. I was flat broke, meaning I had only 20.00 to my name. My own fault for spending the way I did. They say always have enough for an emergency, because you never know when one happen. I found myself in this emergency, and did not have a clue how to navigate it! The hosptal sent us home with a list of possible vet, and two pain pills that would help her through the night and morning while I try to find a place. I had tried the finance route of care credit and scratch pay, but did not qualify for any. Crazy indeed. Not even 100 bucks. Good thing I had PTO time from work, because I took the next day off and started to call around town. First I had to secure some money, pride was riding high in me, I had a short talk to myself, and got the matter settled. I started hitting up friends, and family I had not spoken to in a bit. Even kindly asked one of my supervisors at work. To my surprise, all came though with the exception of a couple who could not, which was no problem, being I totally understood. They gave what they could, and I promised to repay back on my next payday, which was a week away.

So I had scraped up a decent amount to get her an exam and possible xray. I called around and everything was so expensive. I finally called a vet and they referred me to their second location on Airport Blvd. The exam and xrays were resonable. Took her there, dropped her off. It was indeed broken, but they said they do not think it requires surgery, so they were going to splint it and see how she does with it. Thank God, He is always on time. They took great care of her. They resplinted it last Friday, and the amount was doable. Thank God! We have to bring her back on the 11th for xrays and sedation and resplinting. That is going to be costly, but this time I am going to make sure I have all the money.

I am so very greatful for the ones that helped me in my time of need. I did pay them all back on my pay day. This reminds me of taking more time to connect with people that are friends and family, and not take them for granted. Be more mindful to stop by and say hi every now and again. This was a very costly lesson, one that I am learning and absorbing.

Will keep an update on Princess next visit.

House of The Dragon…

And on that note Episode 1 was amazing, seems like my boot leg streaming picked it up early, but I will still go ahead and re watch it again tonight on HBO! Yes , it is very good, that first episode was amazing, in my opinion, started a little slow, but I remember the first time I saw the first episode of Game of thrones, I thought that it started out slow as well, then all the action started to happen, same here with House of the Dragon.

Indeed, indeed, I do look forward to watching every episode every week. first episode, I give a good b+ minus the sex scenes, but I suppose they have to have them in there, I don’t much care for it, I just would like all the action. Anyway, it is what it is. I look forward to next Sundays Episode 2!.